FunCuBello Band, originating from Hamburg, offers you a new show resulted from the merging of the genres fusion, funk, and infectious Latino rhythms. Our repertoire consists of own compositions and refined arrangements of several jazz standards.

Our music is appropriate for ample shows and oriented toward festivals, clubs, and various live events, for a public of any and all ages.

After many years of research in the area of musical rhythm for the genres jazz, funk, and Afro-Cuban, the percussionist Daniel Sapcu decided to combine his own ideas and improvisations with the complex arrangements and modern harmonies created by his partner and band colleague Loredana Todor-Sapcu. To this come also the influences of fusion-jazz, funk-rock, funk-New Orleans styles as well as… a drop of smooth jazz.

LIVE, FunCuBello Band offers an unmissable unique offer for all the fans of instrumental music. Nothings makes us happier than seeing our spectators smile or naturally moving on the rhythm of our music.

Previously known as “AFRO-CUBAN-JAZZ-BAND”, the band was founded in 2009 by the drummer Daniel Sapcu and the saxophonist Heribert Kroll.

Wishing to offer the public of all ages a new kind of show, which originally and harmoniously merges a wide variety of musical elements , resulting in a complex form of show, the members of FUNCUBELLO resort to famous jazz songs but also to own compositions, draped in Afro-Cuban and funk rhythms and harmonies, completed with refined arrangements and inspired improvisations. With the joining of Jiři Halada, saxophone, FunCuBello received new fusion-funk impulses, with modern Afro-Cuban and smooth jazz influences. From the compositions “Heribert`s Wine” stands out, dedicated to Heribert Kroll(1956-2011), co-founder of the band.



Jiri Halada- Sax
Loredana Todor-Sapcu- Piano
Daniel Brennecke- Bass
Daniel Sapcu- Drums
(Guests: Decebal Badila- Bass, Nils Wrasse – Sax,Christian Gasstl – Sax)
(Former members: Heribert Kroll-Sax, Dimitar Bonev-Bass, Christian Müller-Bass)




Our saxophone player is the Czech Jiři Halada.

  • 1980-1984 Faculty of Music in Pilšen (Czech Republic)
  • 1984-1988 Radio Big Band in Prague (Czech Republic)
  • 1991-2014 “Polizei Big Band” in Kiel (Germany)
  • 2010-2014 musical leader of “Polizei Big Band” in Kiel (Germany)
  • Jiři Halada is a live and studio music saxophonist, arranger and composer.
  • Over the years he played with many musicians and bands, including: Niels Gessinger, Sultans of Swing, Down to Earth, etc.
  • Since 2011 saxophonist with FunCuBello Band


Dealing with the orchestrations is the pianist, Loredana Todor-Sapcu, of Romanian-Hungarian origins.

Here are some essential data from her biography:

–   In 1991 she graduated the Music High School “Ion Vidu” in Timişoara (Romania)

  • In 1996 she graduated the Faculty of Music in Timişoara (Romania)
  • In 2009 she graduated the Faculty of Jazz “Richard Oschanitzky” in Timişoara (Romania)
  • In 2008 she received the award for “Best musical arrangement” at the Jazz Festival in Sibiu – Romania
  • In 2009 piano and musical arrangement with the “Afro-Cuban Jazz Band” Kiel (Germany)
  • In 2011 piano and musical arrangement with FunCuBello


On bass is Daniel Brennecke, from Bergisch Gladbach, Germany.

  • Only 27 years old, he already played with numerous bands in Köln, Aachen, and Hamburg and participated in several studio productions
  • In Hamburg he took part in jam sessions, quickly becoming renowned as funk and fusion bass player, highlighted by the precision of the pace and the vigorous groove
  • He takes part in jazz, gospel, soul, and funk projects as well as in productions together with famous musicians and composers
  • Bass player with FunCuBello since 2015


The drummer of Romanian origin, Daniel Sapcu, has an impressive resume:

  • in 2000 he graduated the Music High School “Ion Vidu” in Timişoara (Romania)
  • in 2009 he graduated the Faculty of Music in Lübeck (Germany)
  • 2004-2005 percussionist with the “Hamburger Symphoniker” (Germany)
  • Daniel Sapcu is a drummer for live and studio music of the genres: funk, fusion, rock, soul, Afro-Cuban
  • Bands he play with: , Brassballet, Manfellow, Delicious Date
  • Co-founder of the FunCuBello Band






01.10.2016     FunCuBello live beim Jazztrain (Hamburg/DE)

11.08.2016     FunCuBello Live on Summerjazz Festival (Pinneberg/DE)
(Nils Wrasse-Sax / Loredana Todor-Sapcu-Keys Christian Müller-Bass / Daniel Sapcu-Drums)

21.11.2015     Gala Blues Jazz Kamo (Timisoara/RO)

03.08.2017   Untold Festival-Forest Stage (Cluj / RO)
(Jiri Halada-Sax / Loredana Todor-Sapcu-Keys /Wojtek Pilichowski-Bass / Daniel Sapcu-Drums)


Info : Daniel Artur Sapcu
Phone: 0049 1749341156

Booking : Ovidiu Florian Andris
Phone: 0040 742141595